soft/hard doll

doll that is soft and plushy and very squishy and snuggly but that also has a rock hard cock you struggle to find a use for it until one day you realize that its cock matches the size of the #4 perfectly from then on instead of doing your weekly aftercare routine alone, you just straddle the doll and fit its dollcock snugly within you for the 30 minute session while snuggling it the entire time

the dollpile incident

the dollpile has been Still for hours a couple dozen dolls just snuggled one on top of the other. porcelain against wood against steel against plastic against cloth against silicone, hands grabbing legs, arms wrapped against torsos but suddenly! “awawa” oh no! “awawa?” oh no, it’s happening! “awawa” “awawa” “awawa! “awawa!!!” in less than a minute, the chorus has erupted. the dollsounds have overtaken all other sound in the vicinity. the volume is oppressive!

Radio Doll

There’s a peculiar doll that communicates exclusively over radio waves. Its transmissions have a range with an approximately 200 foot radius, and it will broadcast over several frequencies at once. 95.1FM is the doll’s conversational frequency. If spoken to, a response is broadcast over this channel using a voice typical of this type of doll. 88.8FM broadcasts intermittent speech consisting entirely of variations of “awawa”. The tone of the “awawa"s on this channel has been observed to be largely consistent with the doll’s mood, a hypothesis which the doll cheerfully supports when asked.

beekeeper doll

The beekeeper doll is Purpose-built for all manner of tasks related to beekeeping. While it may at first seem unusual to build dolls that are powered by fire, this doll’s power source serves a secondary function. The most prominent feature on the doll is its ability to blow smoke from it’s “mouth” in order to pacify the bees in its care. The fire at the doll’s core is thus a perfect means to facilitate this function.

doll that plays arcade games

you’re at the arcade with some friends. after losing a few rounds of fighting games as usual, you decide to stroll over to something else. you hover near some shmup games, contemplating your options, when one of the dance games catches your attention. or rather, one of the players this player, a girl you think, actually maybe you’re not sure. probably a girl? anyway. this player. the screen in front of them is full of arrows.

dolls 101

if you’ve spent any time on the weird parts of the internet you might have found people talking about “dolls”, usually in ways that are nonspecific. i’m here to help you learn all (a tiny amount informed from a single perspective) there is to know about “dolls”. (gonna just note right now that the word “usually” is going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting here) are “dolls” a kink?